Bicycle on the cycling lane beside the railway.

bikemobil Card

Explore South Tyrol on two wheels: take your bike anywhere by bus and train

A deal to make your heart beat faster: one, three or seven consecutive days' worth of unlimited travel on public transport in all of South Tyrol plus your own rental bike (standard models).

bikemobil Cards are personalised tickets that can be used to travel on all buses, trains and cable cars within the entire südtirolmobil network and on regional trains all the way to Trento. Please note that they do not entitle the ticket holder to transport a rental bike: Instead, they can be used for flexible excursions where anyone with a bikemobil Card can pick up a bicycle from a rental point, take it for a spin and return it at any rental point they like.

Where to buy: Available at all südtirolmobil ticket counters or sales points, tourist offices and participating bike rentals.

bikemobil Cards are personalised contactless tickets: They are non-transferable and may not be used by another person. Every time you board a bus or train, remember to check in: To validate and use your bikemobil Card, simply hold it in front of the sensor of the blue ticket validation machines at the train station or on any bus. Before you start using your bikemobil Card, remember to write down your name and the date on the back of the card. Depending on your ticket type, it will be valid for one, three or seven consecutive days starting from the day on which you first activate it.


  Adult Junior (for 6-14-year olds)
bikemobil Card 1 day 25.00 EUR 12.50 EUR*
bikemobil Card 3 days 30.00 EUR 15.00 EUR*
bikemobil Card 7 days 35.00 EUR 17.50 EUR*

*for junior-sized bikes (up to 24'')

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